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Cosi fan tutte - Cuts

You've stumbled upon the Idaho Falls Opera Theatre's site for the 2018 show of Mozart's Cosi fan tutte.  IFOT has performed Cosi a few times and we've developed a version of cuts over the years that reduce the three and a half hour show down to a respectable time audiences of Idaho Falls can sit through.  Each director may have changes for these cuts, so to convey these cuts to the cast, we'll try this blog format.  The libretto, with cuts added, can be found here.  You can purchase a clean copy here from Amazon.

Cut the Recitative from measure 5 on page 21 to measure 10 on page 22.  Use the chord on measure 9 for the recitative on measure 10.

Cut from last part of measure 1 on page 37 to 2nd beat of measure 10 on page 37

Page 47 measure 3; repeat c minor chord beat 3 (no hold or vocal); cut to page 50 measure 6.